lost in google jungle

Sunday, May 31, 2009

hm....one of my test blog for the sulumits retsambew contest is missing its position from google index, because of what ? i have no idea either.

i thought it was kinda cool to have it crawled up a bit from its initial position at 523 to 519 for the sulumits retsambew keyword, but the next morning i checked up using site:sulumitsretsambew-contest.blogspot.com, the result is NONE

not a single tiny pieces of information intact from my site ? what the heck is going on here ? i really have no idea,till the time i`m writing this post, i`m still searching for the culprit behind the case of lost blog *duh*

if anyone of you in case could help,would you mind telling me whats make my blog magically dissapear from the google jungle ? is seo technique things ? or google hold something personal on my blog ..kidding . .. anyway , any help will be greatly appreciated , thx


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