doodles,is it important ?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have you ever do doodling ? if you don't know what it is , check this entry about doodle in Wikipedia, i guess most of you has, even though maybe you don't know it is called doodle

oh,and before we begin, I'd like to tell you that this post is purposely written in English, for i wanted to put this post to JustCreativeDesign $11.000 Contest for Charity

Doodling, it could be the most popular activities while we're on the phone with someone, or in the middle of a boring college lecture ( like i do ) , there's so many answer about why whe doodling if you searched in google , there's even interpretation about the meaning of our doodle . But i won't talk about why we doodling or what are the meaning of our doodles. Since this post is about design , I'm gonna talk about how important doodle is for designer .

I myself, doodling a lot , whenever i had a free time from my work, and have nothing to do , or when the lecturer is made me lost my interest. It help me from being bored and i think it also keeping the flow of "creativeness" inside of me.

In my opinion, to be able to draw freely could help our creativity flow back, and as designer ,thats like a gold mine. I believe there are times when you stuck at your design, you dont know what to draw as client wanted, or you can find anymore idea to be presented to your client. Well,doodling and forget your dead ended job for a moment, it could help you think outside the box again, or even better, find a solution for your design. Yes it does.

Sometimes, the best way to found the solution of our problems is to forget that problem for a little while,it help to clear our mind too, and that's what doodle did
you don't have to have a goal by doodling, just write,sketch,draw anything as your mind goes, you could use your used paper too, as long as it still have some white spaces to draw, it helps save the trees too, Now,don't you think doodling is a good activities ?

Honestly I've also found some of my "worth to be proud of" design in my doodles, i even made a pin buttons which design is originally from my full A5 page doodle. Doodling helps find new ideas too, a new character design for example, or a new typography for your logo, there's no limit of it
Doodle also have a possibility to become a great work of art , RaShell has a blog to "elevate doodling to the status of an art form" in her ( his ?) , some of the doodles could be a “money making work of art” too.

Practicing your drawing skill is one other thing you could do with doodling, for example you wanted to improve your eye drawing skill;then you could just doodling whatever form that showed up in your mind once you think about it, or you could try drawing many eye variant,don't think about its niceness first, just put your pen on the paper and dance it around,soon you'll found you've improved your drawing skill and as a bonus maybe got some new technique . You could also save your doddles for reference later on, who knows it might be usefull

So, what do you think about doodles and doodling, is important ?


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